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Sunright WaWa Vermicelli 200g 日正-哇哇輕粉絲200克

Sunright WaWa Vermicelli 200g 日正-哇哇輕粉絲200克

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Taiwan [Sunright] WaWa Vermicelli 200g

- Multi-temperature layer freezing technology, the taste is more elastic
- Contains mung bean starch, which is resistant to cooking and easy to absorb soup, with a smooth texture
- Can be used for cold vermicelli and hot pot dishes
- Small package, does not take up space, suitable for individuals and small families Welcome
- Obtained HACCP/ISO22000 quality verification, no chemical additives, simple formula

Each 40g serving contains 5 servings

Origin: Taiwan


- 多溫層冷凍技術, 口感更Q彈
- 含有綠豆澱粉, 耐煮易吸收湯汁, 口感滑順
- 可用於涼拌粉絲亦適合煮火鍋之料理
- 小包裝,不佔空間,受個人及小家庭歡迎
- 榮獲HACCP/ ISO22000 品質驗證, 無化學添加物, 配方簡單



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