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Leezen - Tomato Flavor Noodles 420g 里仁蕃茄拉麵 420克

Leezen - Tomato Flavor Noodles 420g 里仁蕃茄拉麵 420克

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Healthy Tomato Ramen by steaming instead of frying
Tomato Ramen uses steaming instead of traditional frying to reduce the greasiness of the noodles, and adds tomato powder to enhance the flavor. The vegetable bag also contains a variety of dried vegetables such as carrots, kelp sprouts, corn, and green bean kernels, and is suitable for making soup or dry mixing. Just boil the water, put in the ramen noodles and vegetable packets and cook for three to five minutes, then add the seasonings into the soup or mix dry and enjoy the delicious taste.

Chen Meihuan, the proprietress of Chengchang's non-fried, healthy and delicious quick-cooking ramen, because her husband suffered from liver cancer. Since Mr. Meihuan is a noodle lover, she hoped to develop a healthy and delicious vegetarian noodles that her husband could enjoy, so she returned to her hometown to take over the business of her father-in-law . Noodle making business, responsible for product research and  development. In 2001, Liren wanted to launch non-fried instant noodles for consumers. After many inquiries, she found Chengchang Food in Taichung. Unexpectedly, Meihuan said that she had known Liren for a long time. It turned out that a friend of Meihuan had given her Liren. The hot-selling germ cakes are highly recommended and told that they are a hot seller and hard to find. Therefore, the two parties felt cordial when they met, and because their concepts coincided, they quickly started cooperating.

Peace of mind when eating is the best gift
. In making dough, Meihuan abandoned the time-saving frying method and used flour and salted water to make dough. It was rolled by rollers, cut into strips, and fed into the machine one by one. Steam, then air dry. Tomato powder is also specially added to the noodles to enhance the flavor of the ramen. Of course, you can’t be careless when handling the cooking bags. Meihuan carefully sautees various shredded ginger, mushrooms, soy sauce, and bean paste until fragrant, and then stir-fries them with spices to make the cooking bags. She also said, "You need more vegetables to be satisfied with your meal." So she took the initiative to expand the portion of vegetable bags, which were filled with carrots, kelp sprouts, corn, and green bean kernels.
The innovative method of "steaming and drying", although it requires more time and procedures, can make the noodles taste less greasy. Meihuan believes that noodles that can make noodle eaters feel safe and delicious are the best gifts.

● Noodles: steamed and dried, not fried. No antioxidants, modified starch, heavy alkali, or texture improvers are added. The addition of tomato powder is rich in lycopene.
● Conditioning package: No chemical synthetic spices, chemical synthetic seasonings, hydrogenated oils, preservatives, or flavoring added.




吃的安心   就是最好的禮物

● 麵塊:蒸煮乾燥、不經油炸。不添加抗氧化劑、修飾澱粉、重碱、麵質改良劑。添加蕃茄粉富含茄紅素。
● 調理包:不添加化學合成香料、化學合成調味劑、氫化油脂、防腐劑、味素。

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