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Little Couples Dry Noodle-Sesame (Vegan) Pack of 4 小夫妻拌麵-金麻醬乾拌麵4包

Little Couples Dry Noodle-Sesame (Vegan) Pack of 4 小夫妻拌麵-金麻醬乾拌麵4包

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★5Quickly cooked in 5 minutes, natural ingredients, real ingredients, 100% handmade sun-dried noodles│Thanks to Little Star Big Follower, Sister in Charge, Gourmet Fengwei, and this party recommendation at work, one bag is sold every 8 seconds, Monthly sales exceed one million copies!


A breath of fresh air in the gourmet food display window. The fresh and refined sesame aroma, and the refreshing and delicious sauce enhance the flavor. People can't help but eat it one bite at a time, leaving something to be desired. The taste is harmonious and not overpowering, and it is on point but not greasy. It is ingenious. With it, it’s up to you to decide whether it’s spicy with spicy oil or not. Finely adjust the golden ratio to embellish your life and create your own “Golden Sesame Sauce”!





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