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佳饌川味麻辣醬(全素) Delicate Sichuan-style Spicy Hot Sauce

佳饌川味麻辣醬(全素) Delicate Sichuan-style Spicy Hot Sauce

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A variety of Chinese herbal ingredients are simmered slowly, and the pure sesame and spicy sauces and soup base are your holy delicacies for all seasons!

It's a spicy and delicious "vegetarian" ~ the soup base is made of pure high-quality chili peppers and spicy bean paste, combined with a variety of precious Chinese medicinal materials and slowly simmered for 3 to 4 hours to make the sauce and soup. Every detail of the sauce and soup is worth your attention. Savor it carefully, the "vegetarian" flavor is the most appetizing all year round!

It's addictive, spicy, salty and delicious!


  1. Noodle soup and hot pot cooking:
    Take out 60 grams of Sichuan spicy sauce, add 600cc of water (3 bowls of water), put it in a pot, heat it over high heat, and then add your favorite ingredients (various mushrooms, corn, and cabbage... ...etc.), cook it with cooked noodles to make a delicious spicy noodle soup, paired with various hot pot ingredients (cabbage, corn, tofu, various mushrooms, tofu skin...etc.) Serve delicious Sichuan style spicy hot pot.
  2.  Use of dry noodles:
    Pour 25~30 grams of vegetarian Sichuan spicy sauce into the cooked noodles, stir thoroughly with chopsticks, or add cabbage or other ingredients according to preference, stir well to make delicious spicy dry noodles.
  3.  Use with blanched vegetables and sauce:
    After blanching the vegetables, pour the sauce directly on top, or put it on a separate plate for dipping.





  1. 湯麵及火鍋烹調:
  2.  乾拌麵使用:
  3.  燙青菜拌醬使用:
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