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【Chef Dragon】Spicy Tofu Wide Vermicelli 340g 龍廚麻辣豆腐寬粉340克

【Chef Dragon】Spicy Tofu Wide Vermicelli 340g 龍廚麻辣豆腐寬粉340克

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Spicy tofu has always been a daily delicacy for Taiwanese people, and it is also a must-eat for tourists visiting Taiwan. Different from ordinary noodles, we use low-GI winter noodles instead of noodles. The winter noodles are paired with spicy tofu, giving consumers a healthier option. Allowing consumers to easily prepare a delicious meal.
We hope to promote Taiwanese food to all corners of the world. Food knows no borders. We use food to communicate and build bridges between people. We invite you to taste this delicious food with us.  

Feature 1   
Selected tofu is stewed to soak up the spicy soup. People who like spicy flavors must not miss it.
Stored at room temperature, it can be stored for 18 months after high temperature and high pressure sterilization. No preservatives are added, making it safer for you to eat!

The soup is cooked with Chinese peppercorns, spicy oil and other Chinese sauces. It is rich, fragrant and not salty, giving you the best taste.

Feature 2   
The glass noodles use multi-temperature layer freezing technology to make the taste more elastic and able to absorb the soup .

Each box is packaged for two people, so it’s even more delicious when shared together!
Recreate classic delicious dishes in ten minutes and serve them easily


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