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承昌香蔥肉燥湯麵 (四人份) - Chering Chang Shallot Pork Flavor Noodles

承昌香蔥肉燥湯麵 (四人份) - Chering Chang Shallot Pork Flavor Noodles

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【Product Introduction】

Chive sauce is made from vegetable oil and shallots. It is full of scallion oil aroma and is suitable for soup noodles and dry noodles.

"Does not contain animal fat and protein"

【feature of product】

1. No added dough improvers, heavy alkali, modified starch, superphosphates

2. No added preservatives, MSG, chemical synthetic flavors and pigments

3. Boil dry without frying, cook quickly for 3 minutes


4 slices of original noodles/4 packs of chive sauce/4 packs of dehydrated vegetables/400g net weight





1. 無添加麵質改良劑、重碱、修飾澱粉、重合磷酸鹽

2. 無添加防腐劑、味精、化學合成香料及色素

3. 煮乾燥不經油炸,快煮3分鐘


原味麵4片/ 香蔥醬4包/ 脫水蔬菜4包/ 淨重400公克

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