Collection: 免費試食 - Free Tasting

龍廚麻辣豆腐寬粉【Chef Dragon】Spicy Tofu Wide Vermicelli Soup 

不設最低消費 , 免費送龍廚麻辣豆腐寬粉一盒.

No Minimum Order, and you'll receive a free box of Dragon Kitchen Spicy Tofu Wide Noodles.

把龍廚麻辣豆腐寬粉加進購物車, 單價系統自動減免, 然後輸入試食優惠碼

Add Dragon Chef's Spicy Tofu Wide Noodles to the shopping cart; the unit price will be automatically discounted.

運費 Postage Fee £4.99, 訂單滿£30免運費, Enjoy Free Postage on Orders Over £30!

寬粉只40公克, 建議另行加購日正-哇哇輕粉絲寬粉200克,

40 grams of Vermicelli, we recommend purchasing an 200g of "Sunright WaWa Wide Vermicelli".