Collection: About Littles Couples Dry Noodle 關於小夫妻拌麵

The founding story of this young couple, who named and established the venture together, began with great dedication. The couple conscientiously developed a brand-new sauce, complemented by their signature handmade sun-dried noodles. Whether you have a big or small family, everyone can easily savor a simple and healthy meal. We welcome everyone to join us in experiencing the rich and sweet taste filled with happiness. Let's share this abundance of joy together.
The young couple's noodle tossing, with the initial intention of happiness centered around noodle mixing, is dedicated to enabling every family to easily cook a meal that belongs exclusively to them. The core spirit of our brand, "Creating little happiness effortlessly in cooking," reflects the idea that cooking doesn't have to be a big effort to bring about a small, delightful moment of joy.

Made with simple, pure, and natural ingredients such as flour, water, and salt, our noodles are crafted through a sun-drying process in transparent houses, resulting in cleaner and more elastic noodles. We create classic family-friendly flavors and continuously innovate to develop a variety of unique and distinctive noodle mixes.Over the years, we have been honored with numerous prestigious awards both domestically and internationally. These include recognition such as the Taiwan Top 100 Souvenirs Award, the Chiayi Excellent Fresh Souvenirs Award, and consistent five-star recommendations in the American Instant Noodle Master's ranking of the top ten must-try instant noodles in Taiwan. Furthermore, we have received international culinary certifications, including the coveted Belgian Excellent Flavor Award, astonishing top European gourmets and Michelin chefs who have marveled at our creations!To share this bowl of happiness with more people, we currently have over 5000 retail locations across northern, central, and southern Taiwan. Our noodles are also exported to 18 countries across all five continents, making our brand a proud beacon of Taiwanese excellence that spreads its light internationally, illuminating every "noodle" in the world.以簡單純粹天然的麵粉、水及鹽製作,經由陽光透明屋日曬製麵,讓麵條更加潔淨 Q彈,創作家庭感的經典口味,創新研發出各式特色風味的拌麵。 歷年榮獲多項國內外知名獎項,台灣百大伴手禮獎、嘉義優鮮伴手禮獎、並連續獲得美國快煮麵達人五星推薦評比台灣十大快煮麵必吃排行榜,更獲得國際美食認證的星級獎(比利時風味絕佳獎章),讓歐洲頂尖美食家與米其林大廚的嚐之驚艷!為將這碗幸福拌麵分享給更多人,目前在國內北、中、南共有5000多間門市通路,外銷全球五大洲 18個國家,讓這份台灣之光的品牌驕傲,傳遞國際、照耀世界的每一「麵」。